The difference between an educated person, an intelligent person and a genius

Educated people are good at school. They memorize their course and can answer questions of the "academic" type. They do well in high school, sometimes even in college and often in the real world, but they just follow rules - even hidden rules like looking presentable, saying the right things to say at the right time. and be a good student among many. Educated people are caught up in a paradigm, but they thrive in it.

Smart people understand things more deeply. They understand the whys and wherefores of seeking out real knowledge. They can sometimes see how things work on a basic level and can solve both simple and difficult problems. These people may work within the "system" ( society) , but are often frustrated by the inability of that system to effect real and productive change because it is dominated by people who put their own needs ahead of those. of the system to which they belong.

Geniuses are yet another kind of people. They see it even more fundamentally. They see how more things relate to each other and can envision solutions that require a deeper understanding of the complexity and often the simplicity of the interactions that rule the world. Unfortunately, these people often do not speak the same language as those in power. These same people who did well in school and who understand how our system works.

Geniuses and intelligent people are often less egocentric because they understand that they are part of a world, rather than seeking to be its center. People who place themselves at the center of the world tend to offer mediocre and often destructive solutions to solving problems, because the complexity of those problems is blinded by their egos.

All people are needed. The intelligent people should continue to step outside the normal to develop better ways of existing for humankind, while the normal people should continue their duties as without them the world wouldn’t be build as it is now. If normal people would have more understanding for the intelligent, the world would certainly be a better place, but normal people don’t have deeper understanding of life so they live simple for themselves, vote for Trump and complain about immigrants taking their jobs. Education help these people to gain certain skills which helps them to land better jobs. But the mind to observe life and see what people need to progress won’t ever be there, so they keep doing what human has been doing through history and that’s living for your self and your tribe.

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