Issues with female child education

Education is important for everyone,
irrespective of their gender but to make
you more clear i will give you some
points on importance of educating a
girl child
1.If we educate a boy, we educate one
person . if we educate a girl , we educate
a family - and the whole nation .
2. Political representation : across the
globe women are retricted from
political involvement. But civic
education , training and all around
empowerment will ease this gap
3. Future educated generations : By
sending a girl to school she is far more
likely to ensure that her children
recieves education as well. As many
claim , investing in a girl education is
investing in nation
4. Safe sex : a girl who has completed
her primary education is three times
less likely to cantradict HIV .
5. Child marrige : a suggested by united
nation population fund , in
underdevelpoed countries 1 in every
three girls are married before the age
of 18. In regions where girl recieves
seven or more years of education , the
wedding date is delayed for four years
6. Decrease population explosion :
educated women tend to have fewer
and healthier babies . According to
UNESCO literate women had an
average of 2.5 children while an
illetrate women had an average of six
7. Decrease domestic and sexual violence :
educated girls and womans are less
likely to victims of domestic and sexual
voilence or to tolerate it in their family.
8. Improve socioeconomic growth :
educated women have a greater chance
of escaping poverty ,leading healthier
and more productive lives. They can
share the burden of men in different
walks of life. They can serve society as
teachers , lawyers , doctors and
administrators etc.
So, we must give up our conservative
outlook and create an atmosphere in
which not a single women remains

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